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The first dog beach in Cattolica

The beach Altamarea Beach Village in Cattolica has been allowed to create a special zone for the reception of dogs and animals of small and medium size.

You will no longer have to give up bringing your four-legged friends to the sea, because a special area with umbrellas and sunbeds has been designed for them and their owners.

In compliance with the sanitary ordinance of the Veterinary Public Health Department of Emilia-Romagna, access is allowed only to small and medium-sized dogs, which are not dangerous and which do not disturb the peace of other guests. The beach Altamarea Beach Village has officially become the first dog beach in Cattolica.

Examples of medium-sized dogs: Medium Poodle, Bassethound, Beagle, Chow-chow, Cirneco dell’Etna, Cocker Spaniel, Epanieul, Griffone, Kerry Blue, Medium Schnauzer, Hound, Irish Terrier and similar.

Examples of large dogs not allowed: Airedale Terrier, Great Dane, Bloodhound, Boxer, Bracco, Dalmatian, Doberman, Great Swiss Mountain Dog, Labrador, Afghan Hound, Russian Greyhound, Belgian Shepherd, Bergamasco Shepherd, Maremma-Abbruzzese Shepherd, Scottish Shepherd ( Collie), German Shepherd, Pointer, Riesenschnauzer, Rottweiler, San Berdardo, Setter, Spinone and similar.

PLEASE NOTE: dogs are welcome in the hotel, however they must always be kept on a leash in the common areas and cannot access the restaurant and swimming pool.


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