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Safe Hospitality
Your holidays in total safety

Dear Guests,

in this section you will find the main precautions to follow to spend your well-deserved holidays in complete safety.

Common areas

Hand disinfectant gels are available in the common areas and key points of the hotel (at the entrance, on the reception desk, on the landings at the exit of the lift, at the entrance to the restaurant, at the bar, at the entrance to the swimming pool) .

It is important to maintain the interpersonal distance of 1 meter, in order to avoid crowds.

It is mandatory to wear a mask, always.


At the reception, as in all common areas, the interpersonal distance rule of 1 meter applies in order to avoid crowds.

Spacing signs are provided to regulate entrances and exits.

It is mandatory to wear a mask.

It is not mandatory to present medical certificates.

The temperature on arrival will not be detected.

Upon arrival at the hotel, only one person can go to reception for check-in. The companions wait in the car and once the registration of the documents has been completed, the luggage is unloaded.

The room key will be delivered by the secretaries, who will take care to disinfect it with a cloth soaked in a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant.


In the restaurant, as in all common areas, the rule of interpersonal distance of 1 meter applies in order to avoid crowds.

Spacing signs are provided to regulate entrances and exits.

Even in restaurants it is mandatory to wear a mask, of course except when eating.

The tables were spaced 1.5 meters from each other (from seat to seat). It is possible to have tables for 4 to 8 people only with people belonging to the same family. In case of “friends” tables, the tables will be arranged close together but always at a safe distance.

Lunch and dinner will be served on plates and served by the waiters. The waiters are obliged to wear a mask but not the obligation to wear latex gloves, as more frequent hand sanitation is preferable.


A maximum of 7 people inside the pool is allowed to enter the pool at a time and 7 people outside, for a maximum of 1 hour. The beds can be available on request and will be disinfected with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide after use.

Cleaning of the rooms

During your stay the room will be cleaned and sanitized daily with traditional products. After cleaning, disinfection of key points (sanitary ware, handles, doors, bathroom accessories) is planned with products based on hydrogen peroxide. At the end of the stay, in addition to the above operations, the room will be completely disinfected (including the curtain and the air conditioning filter) using a hydrogen peroxide nebulizer.

The methods of washing linen remain unchanged (in an external laundry with the use of disinfectant detergents and high temperatures).


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