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Adriatic Riviera


Cattolica is a seaside resort located on the Adriatic Riviera

The town boasts centuries of maritime tradition and, over the years but especially since the 1950’s, it has become a holiday destination for tourists from all over the world, thus building itself an image and a reputation among the best seaside resorts of the Romagna Riviera, so much so that is it now known as the Queen of Adriatic.

The reasons behind the success of Cattolica as a holiday location are many and can be found in the warm welcome by local people and tourist operators at large (confirming the town as “Typical Romagna hospitality”.) Have also contributed the incredible organisation of the beach establishments(constantly updated), the diversified accommodation solutions and the many events that are organized throughout the season (traditional festivals, concerts, events).

All these factors have contributed to turning Cattolica into a holiday destination by excellence, where all family members can enjoy relaxation and fun by the sea.
And Cattolica mainly aims to appeal to families, that enjoy hotels and shops located in areas with little traffic and close to pedestrian areas or directly on the seafront.

In Cattolica tourists soon find out that they do not need a car to move around places, as all major streets of the town centre and the beach are all accessible in less than an hour’s walk. The laziest can board the small train(Trenino) of Cattolica, a shuttle train that runs across the town, with lines that even proceed to Gabicce and Gradara. Last but not least Cattolica benefits from a strategic geographic position, very close to a inland area with many medieval villages (where festivals and shows are organized every year, especially on Summer) and natural parks such as San Bartolo Nutural Reserve (in Gabicce), or the Conca Natural Oasis in Misano Adriatico A dense program of trips and excursions makes it possible to visit all these enchanting places in little time. Among the villages of the Romagna hinterland and region, we recommend a visit to San Marino, Gradara, Montefiore (Fortress), Montegridolfo (Castle), Saludecio (Ottocento Festival), Mondaino (Palio del Daino), San Leo and Onferno (caves).